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GeoPulse is a University of Warsaw spin-off company that comertializes satellite observation based data and services. We are focused on research of new uses of Earth Ovservation to harness all the possibilities that it can bring to the market.


Earth Observation for Eastern Partnership

EO4EP is an ESA initiative which aims to achieve a step increase in the uptake of satellite-based environmental information in the development programs implemented by the World Bank and the European Investment Bank in the Eastern European Region, in particular in order to support the technical collaboration and knowledge exchange among Eastern Partnership countries.

The activities are implemented in the 2016–2018 timeframe, with Phase I (2016-2017) dedicated to the stakeholders’ engagement and requirements consolidation, and the Phase II (2017–2018) focusing on EO information production, delivery and capacity building to ensure that the information brings operational benefits to the users.

The project goals will be achieved by building a strong cooperation with institutions responsible for land/water management and agriculture development in each of the countries participating in the project.

As a member of a consortium we provide different services for the monitoring of agricultural productivity, crop development status and the irrigation infrastructure at regional level on based on information provided by on EO satellites and meteorological measurements.



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